I am so happy that Airlangga Specta 2016 was a huge success. I thank you all for participating in this awesome event. Probably this is not know by many people that I am the coordinator for this drama :-(. It’s okay, they probably remember Rama, Sinta, and Rahwana more than remember the people that working behind the scene. The producer (that’s me), the director, screen writer, etc. Nonetheless, we were very happy when we saw that ACC hall is full of people watching our performance, although it was very late. Thank you! Matursuwun!

Here I give you a glimpse of the performance and also my narcissistic appearance in the photographs.

img_5127 img_5375 img_5380 img_5391 img_5364 img_5214 img_5142

My name is Manaf, a full time learner. Passionate about sustainable development, environment, and youth education.

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