Setelah nunggu lebih dari sebulan, akhirnya lomba blog dari Universitas Airlangga sudah keluar hasilnya. Sayang banget gak bisa juara, padahal awalnya optimis. Tapi ternyata hasilnya undian, kecewa banget sama panitia. Baru tahu kali ini lombanya undian. Apalagi aku cuma ngumpulin satu artikel doang.


On sunny day December 23, I read an email from BPP Universitas Airlangga telling me that the result for blogging competition is out already and my submission have been approved and I got a voucher that can be used for accessing the winner link. Then I click the link on the email but nothing came out. Then I decided to go to BPP Office. I asked confirmation from the committee and then they say that we were still in the judging process. He gave me a little bit the winner characteristic and I was disappointed to hear that the winner is chosen based on his/her luckiness. The voucher that the committee gave us to our email actually our lottery number. The committee chose 6 out of 100 voucher randomly and then they will assess their content and etc. Finally, 6 winners will be selected 3 for students and 3 for public. I just nod to his explanation and went back to my dorm after that.

That night, the result came out and unfortunately, the committee decided to publish the voucher, not the link of the winners blog. I am really curious why they decided to do this. This is not fair, as a participant myself, I want to know who are the winners. Are their writing good? We want to see and read their blog too. So, unless the winners also the committee, that’s why they probably did this. However, you can read the announcement in here.

My name is Manaf, a full time learner. Passionate about sustainable development, environment, and youth education.

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